3M Window Films

What makes 3M Window Films so great?

  • Energy savings with heat reduction
  • Occupant comfort
  • Fade protection
  • Privacy and aesthetics
  • Glare reduction
  • Theft protection (break and enter)
  • Anti-graffiti
  • Blast mitigation
  • Personal safety
  • Decorative films available

How does Window Film Installation Process Work?

  1. Free In-Home Consultation: At a pre-scheduled time, your Decorating Consultant will visit your home to discuss 3M Window Film options. During this visit, they will show you the full range of window film samples, provide you with a written proposal and help you decide on the perfect window film solution for your home.
  2. Order Placement: Placing your order with our Decorating Consultant is simple and hassle-free. Leaving no detail unturned, your order details are then verified by a 3M Certified Technician before being scheduled for installation.
  3. Installation: Installation will take place on a designated date that is convenient for you. A 3M Certified Installation Technician will install your window film while maintaining a safe and clean work site in your home. Once your project is complete, your installer will meet with you to perform a final inspection to ensure you are completely satisfied with your newly installed window film.

Frequently Asked Questions about 3M Window Film

3M Sun Control Films are precision engineered to reduce the amount of solar heat transmission through window glass, by increasing absorption or solar reflection through the glass. Ultra-violet protection in the film’s adhesive system blocks up to 99% of UV rays – the main cause of fading.

3M Security Window Film is designed to deter forced entry by holding shattered glass together when a window is broken. Security window film is an extremely effective deterrent – often forcing thieves to select an easier target.

Payback periods will vary depending on the type of glass, type of film, cost of air-conditioning and heating and other variables. In the past, we have seen energy savings payback in less than 5 years.

The film is applied to the inside or outside surface of window glass, depending on the needs of the client. 

Nothing stops fading completely. All 3M Window Films block up to 99% of Ultraviolet Light Rays – the leading cause of fading. 3M Window Film will prolong the life of your furnishings as much as two to five times.

In order to guarantee high-quality workmanship, and issue the 3M Manufacturer’s Warranty, a Home Depot 3M Authorized Applicator must install the film.  

You may clean our films using common non-abrasive household cleaning products and a soft, lint-free cloth or towel. You may also use a squeegee to clean the film.

Limited lifetime warranty on interior applications of Prestige 70, Night Vision 15/35, Ultra Prestige 70 and Ultra S800. There is a 7-year (straight window) or 5-year (slope window) warranty on exterior applications of Prestige Exterior 40.